How we can support your business

With over 40 years experience, we can assist you in submitting tenders, applications for payment to your clients/main contractors and assessing the value of work undertaken by your sub-contractors. We do this by…
  • Getting the scope clear at tender stage by quantifying the work to be undertaken on construction projects.
  • Keeping track of changes and variations during the project.
  • Making sure the contract is followed with regard to notices of changes and variations.
  • Valuing the work done in accordance with the contract, including final account remeasures.
  • Monitoring costs and value (project profitability).
We can also help you get paid where the amount due for additional work is disputed, by…
  • Identifying what has changed.
  • Identifying why it has changed (was it an instructed change or the consequence of another change?).
  • Assessing the impact of changes on the project, both in terms of cost impact and time impact.
  • Preparing papers, identifying the relevant conditions of contract, referencing the evidence and setting out the basis of entitlement to the amount disputed.

We have experience working…
  • on a wide variety of construction projects in rail, residential, housing, offices, retail, warehouse/distribution centres, leisure/sport, and utilities.
  • for main contractors, subcontractors and small local builders and contractors.

We believe we should not waste time processing and reporting on project costs and valuations so we seek to automate data capture, transform data with minimal manual interference and share it in a structured format, using open data standards. We find ways to capture structured information, using our knowledge and understanding of international data standards like those that support Building Information Modelling (BIM), and introduce simple spreadsheet-based tools to manipulate existing data into a structured format for sharing. Our goal is to work as efficiently as possible and we constantly look for better ways of working.

We take this same approach in the way we deliver services for our clients. We want you to stand out amongst your competitors and get repeat business.

Call Cawston Surveying on 01788 700601 or 07769 977163, or email, to arrange an appointment or request further information on how we can support your business.

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