Handling construction information and data

The amount of information being issued, shared, and generated on construction projects is increasing exponentially. More projects are using Building Information Modelling (BIM) and new applications provide more ways of capturing progress related information. Measuring and reporting on progress, and making sense of all the information we have access to, in a timely manner, is becoming more challenging.

There are many business intelligence (BI) tools available that will present you with project and enterprise dashboards. But how accurate are those dashboards? Are you capturing the data for these dashboards in the most cost effective way (automatically) or simply pushing the processing workload downstream in your organisation?

How much time each month do you spend collating information, processing it, and then copying and pasting it into reports?

Would you like to spend less time processing information, to focus on other aspects of your work?

If your reporting spreadsheets are starting to get unwieldy, or you are finding that you are copying and pasting vast amounts of data, then maybe it is time to step back and rethink the processes involved.

We can help you transform these processes through:
  • Data and Process Analysis - understand the information you need and when; get your workforce working more productively, using the tools you already have available
  • Microsoft Office Automation - reduce time performing routine tasks; spend more time on what makes the difference
We can also take your existing spreadsheets and databases, and carry out a forensic analysis of the raw data as part of a wider review of project information.

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"Kevin provided us with cogent, honest and insightful advice in helping us to develop an approach to a database problem. His experience of the construction industry and data standards therein, is comprehensive and he thus provides a rare combination of skills in this industry." - D Kitching, Director, Desma Systems Ltd

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